About me

Author photo, Ruby's chair, colourI wrote my first book when I was ten, a tale of two orphan sisters running away to Egypt fortunately to be adopted by a perfect family they meet on the Orient Express. I suspect I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but was too in awe of the Great Names on my parents’ bookshelves to think that this was a career I could possibly pursue. Growing up in Northern Denmark, among intensely practical people, this was far too “flighty” anyway, and it’s not like I ever enjoyed writing essays.

Instead I did the sensible thing and studied Modern Languages at University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Business School. Later I moved to London where I did an MA in Applied Linguistics, and then set myself up as a freelance translator.

Has all that education helped me become a writer? Not really. It made me a better translator and linguist, certainly, and it wasn’t wasted either because learning stuff can never be a bad thing. While I was a student, I had several jobs – supermarket cashier, bartender, waitress, cleaner – and afterwards I worked for the Danish civil service, a travel agent, a consultancy company, in banking, hospital administration, and for a county court. In that time I discovered that life was all around me, in all its splendid messiness, and that I simply had to commit my thoughts and observations to paper.

So, while I was expecting my first child, I picked up my pen again (or rather pencil because that’s what I prefer, and I write all my first drafts in long-hand), and when a writer friend suggested I join the Romantic Novelists’ Association, I began to write in earnest. I’m also a member of the Society of Authors and the Historical Novel Society (because I enjoy reading historical fiction as well as contemporary).

I love writing about complex characters who carry the burden of dark secrets, and giving them the happy ending which is so often denied troubled individuals in real life.

This could be a long story, so I’ll be brief. Here’s a bit more about me, in keywords.

Things I like:

Autumn, blue, broccoli, bunting, costume dramas, cycling, daffodils, Earl Grey tea, handbags, HB pencils, knitting, Latin, lavender, Lidl, Mozart, my friends and family, my pets, olive oil, pasta, peas straight from the pod, reading, salsa, Shakespeare, shoes, sleeping, steak, sun flowers, the V&A, thoughtfulness, University Challenge, wine, yellow Minis.

Things I don’t like:

Arrogance, breaking a finger nail, bullying, dog poo on the pavement, driving on the motorway, fanaticism, filing, hydrogenated vegetable oil, jealousy, jogging, laziness, pâté, people who have long, private conversations on their mobiles in public (I may be invisible to you, but I can hear you…), spiders, tax evasion, uncooked cheese, untidiness, urban foxes, wastefulness.